What Happened To Sway From Tiktok?

Sway was a popular TikTok user with over 1.5 million followers. However, his account was recently deleted. It is unclear why his account was deleted, but some speculate that it may be due to a violation of TikTok’s terms of service.

Does Bryce Hall still live in the sway house?

Yes, Bryce Hall still lives in the sway house.

Why did Josh leave sway?

Josh left sway because he was tired of the company’s direction and the lack of communication.

What are the sway boys doing now?

The sway boys are currently playing music on a street corner in Detroit.

Why are Bryce and Josh not friends?

There are many reasons why Bryce and Josh are not friends. For example, Bryce is not very friendly to Josh and they do not get along well. Additionally, Bryce is very competitive and often tries to tell Josh what to do.

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How much is the sway house worth?

The sway house is worth $1.5 million.

Do TikTokers get paid?

TikTokers generally do not receive a salary, but they may receive tips.

Who are the OG sway members?

The OG sway members are the first wave of people that joined the community in late 2014. They are the backbone of the community and are responsible for most of the day-to-day operations.

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Does the sway house still exist?

The sway house still exists, but is not in use anymore.

Is Griffin still in Sway?

Yes, Griffin is still in Sway.

What happened to Bryce Hall and sway?

Bryce Hall and sway were both killed in a car accident.

Are the sway house and Hype House friends?

No, the sway house and Hype House are not friends.

How old is sway from TikTok?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it varies from person to person. However, from what we can tell, sway is generally considered to be around six months old.

Who is Griffin dating?

Griffin is dating a woman named Emily.

Why did Bryce move out of sway House?

Bryce moved out of sway House because he was tired of the constant fighting and the lack of privacy.

Why did sway ended?

Sway ended because the company decided to focus on their core product, not on growth.

What happened with Josh Richards and Griffin?

Josh Richards and Griffin were together for two years before they broke up.

Are Bryce and Blake still friends?

Bryce and Blake are still friends, but they have had their differences.

Is Vinnie hacker in Sway?


Who owns the sway House?

The sway House is owned by the city.

What happened with the hype House and sway?

The House and sway hype was successful but it was not real.

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