How Does A Fridge Make Ice?

A refrigerator is a machine that keeps things cold. It does this by using a gas called Freon. Freon is a gas that evaporates easily.

When it evaporates, it takes heat with it. So, the inside of the fridge gets cold.

A fridge makes ice by using a process called freezing. This is when the water inside the fridge is turned into ice by the freezer. The freezer has a cold plate that is used to cool down the water.

This cold plate is made out of metal and has a very low temperature. When the water comes in contact with this cold plate, it starts to freeze. The ice that is made from this process can be used to make your drinks cold or to keep food fresh.

How Does A Refrigerator Ice Maker Work? — Appliance Repair

1) How Does a Fridge Make Ice

When most people think of a fridge, they think of a box that keeps things cold. But have you ever wondered how a fridge actually makes ice? The process begins when the evaporator coils in your fridge get cold enough to turn water into ice.

These coils are located inside the freezer compartment and work by drawing heat out of the air. As the coils get colder, they cause the water vapor in the air to condense onto them. This water then freezes and becomes ice.

To keep the process going, your fridge has a fan that blows cold air over the coils and into the freezer compartment. This helps to keep everything nice and frosty!


A fridge makes ice by using a process called sublimation. Sublimation is when a substance changes from a solid to a gas without first becoming a liquid. The fridge does this by using a cold surface, like an ice tray, and drawing the heat out of the water molecules so that they change directly into vapor.

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